Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chung Hua Charity Golf Tournament on 23th Nov 2008

The JawatanKuasa Perbinaan SJK(C) Chung Hua, Kota Kemuning would like to organize a charity golf tournament at Kota Permai Golf anf Country Club on 23th Noc 2008 .

New Chinese Primary School At Kota Kemuning

Opening Ceremony of SJK(C) CHUNG HUA , Kota Kemuning on 18th Sept 2008, 10:00 am.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Permai Resident Association (Pro-Tem) - 5th meeting

Dear Committee Members and Street Reps,

The 5th Resident Association (Pro-Tem) meeting will be held on

Date : 2nd July 2008 (Wednesday)
Time : 8:00 pm
Venue : En Azlan House ( No : 18, Permai 33/43)
Agenda : Security matter


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Security Issue

We had work out some guideline on the security matter in Permai. Feel free to improve further on it and we shall discuss this during our coming meeting on Wednesday 2nd Jul 2008 at 8:00pm in a place yet to be determined. Print a hard copy of your own and bring along for the meeting.

Attached editted copy from Allan Ang edditted security Guide

Editted Security Guideline

Permai Resident Association (Pro-Tem)
Kemuning Utama, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Security Guidelines for Permai Residence
Drafted in June 2008


Residents: To use gate tag passes at all times and if under rare cases your tag passes are misplaced, POLLITELY REGUEST the security officer to open the barrier gate each time you enter or exit the residential area. There may be occasions that the security officers require your prove of identity by means of IC or driving license before they lift the barrier even though your vehicle may have the Permai sticker. Your understanding and cooperation would be most appreciated. DO NOT make a fuss, the security officers have been instructed by your neighbors to do so.

However, if you loss your tag pass, replace it immediately at the Paramount Office. It is not normal for the security officer to lift the barrier on your behalf each time you pass the gate.

Under no circumstances can the pass be transferred to any non-resident, it is not only irresponsible but also detrimental to the security system of our entire community. Safety always comes first.

For entry to residential area after 12 midnight or before 6 am, use the gate nearest to security post so that the security officer can scrutinize your vehicle closely to see if there is any abnormality.

Normal Guests or Walk-in Case: Required to obtain visiting pass through proof of identification, if there is any suspicions, the security officer is advised to call the house owner to obtain verification and confirmation. The guards are instructed to stop and prevent any visitor from entering if no confirmation is obtain from the house owner. Therefore, it is important that house owner’s fixed line number is valid and available at the guard house.

Phone is provided to the security officers and bill paid for this purpose.

Invited Guests: Tenants/house owner are to inform the security personnel of the any important or large party visit well in advance. It is preferable to provide a list of guests or their vehicle numbers to the security personnel to facilitate the entry process. Issuances of the visiting passes are optional and are the prerogative of the officer on duty. No guest’s personal documents or IDs shall be retained by the security personnel. If anyone is looking or behaving suspiciously, then the security officer may request for ID confirmation or call the house owner to verify before lifting the barrier.

Security Personnel: Service with a smile at all times, be courteous to everyone. Security personnel must be properly attired and well behaved while at the station whether on duty or off duty. No smoking or drinking alcohol within the guard house. No playing of loud music or talking loudly or behave rowdily after sun down. Ensure that all the duties and rules of the security company are adhered to. Maintain good 5S (house keeping) in and around the guard post. To record and report any irresponsible behaviors from all parties entering or leaving the area. Record must be detailed to enable effective follow ups by the responsible parties to seek resolutions. Do not engage in any argument or heated confrontation with any house owners, but must be firm but polite to enforce rules on visitors. Always contact the house owner if visitors are uncooperative, do not allow entry if owners cannot be contacted or do not wish to validate. Patrol or escort to the houses that the guests visit if the house owner are not available but validating response was given by house maid or young children to allow guest entry.
Remember the Residents and their vehicles, always on the look out for any suspicious circumstances, especially when there is a child or the foreign maid in the vehicle driven by unidentified people leaving the area. Do not blindly lift the exit barrier without screening the occupants in the vehicle. To record the IC of guest and the vehicle details that leaves the residential area between 12pm -6am. Ensure that the security camera in always functioning and to inform supervisor immediately if it’s broken. Always be alert to visitors on foot entering or leaving the area, all rules must still be applied to ensure a safe and secure environment in Kemuning Permai. This includes the vehicle that makes regular visits to Permai such as School Transport, newspaper man, postman, roti man and etc.